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  1. However the judges did order that margin notes made by the so-called nymphomaniac on their genital size, sexual skills and bedroom fantasies would remain secret.
  2. Oh Brenda, it's no fun, not getting a wink at night - you could end up some kind of insomniac or a nymphomaniac, whatever the correct term is!
  3. Hello-Goodbye featured Crawford as a playboy adventurer, with a penchant for vintage cars, who falls for a baron's nymphomaniac wife, played by Gilles.
  4. Motherhood, marriage and domesticity were basic female instincts which Acton compared to the "unnatural" sexual desire of the prostitute, the nymphomaniac and the courtesan.
  5. "There, trapped for ninety minutes in the sauna, I changed from a devout Catholic housewife into a raving nymphomaniac."
  6. The opening scene of the movie features the gangsters discussing the true meaning of the lyrics, with one insisting that it's about a nymphomaniac who's been around but has now met up with "some John Holmes motherfucker" - in other words a guy well hung enough to make her feel "like a virgin" again.
  7. THEY had a homosexual, a nymphomaniac, an alcoholic and a Cockney crook - but they didn't reckon for a serial killer.
  8. An amusing parallel in the film business is an account given by the director Ken Russell of how he sold the idea of making a film about Tchaikowsky; he described it to his potential backers as the story of a homosexual who fell in love with a nymphomaniac.
  9. And I'm a nymphomaniac.
  10. and yet with this nymphomaniac, who almost repelled him but it wasn't the moment for philosophy.
  11. His wife is a nymphomaniac, with an alarming resemblance to Morticia in The Addams Family, who desperately wants to sink her amorous fangs into two young likely lads about town.
  12. "You make me sound like some crazed nymphomaniac.
  13. Relationship-challenged couple Roger and Mary (Hugh Laurie and Imelda Staunton), nymphomaniac costume designer Sarah (Alphonsia Emmanuel) and Sarah's excitable, married boyfriend Brian (Tony Slattery) are also in tow.

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