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Перевод: overtax

обременять; перенапрягать; перегружать работой


  1. The production should achieve an improved balance between pit and stage during its three-night run, but one wonders if three consecutive nights might not overtax a few vocal chords by Sunday morning.
  2. GRAEME Souness's triple heart bypass and the reminder last week that former Wimbledon champion Arthur Ashe had undergone a similar operation have prompted the question: do athletes overtax their hearts?
  3. Fortunately the pond is only three feet deep at the most, so the rescue didn't overtax her capabilities."
  4. His friend fears the difficult work may overtax his weak brain.
  5. The new religion had to be seen to meet existing needs, and not to overtax the courage its converts would need to break with the religion of their ancestors.
  6. And then a great lurch and pit-pat pit-pat pat-pat-pat-pat-pat-pat-pat, racing until she wanted to hold it, rein it in, for this was surely worse, this would overtax the heart muscles, until it fell, exhausted, this was a race to death.
  7. "Just so that we don't overtax young Jimbo's powers of resistance."

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