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Перевод: Oxford speek Oxford

полуботинок ;
[имя собственное]
Оксфорд [геогр.]


  1. I am writing to ask if it might be possible for Oxford University Press to make use of the track "The Chocolate Girl" by Deacon Blue in a non-broadcast educational video.
  2. Two years after the secession, Robert of Stratford, the Chancellor of England and Oxford, wrote to Cambridge University with the sobering thought that and until 1854, Oxford made students swear an oath They even took the Brazenose gate knocker to Oxford in 189O under the impression that it had originally come from Oxford.
  3. Here were the seeds of inner conflict that were never completely resolved and here, too, especially in his next five terms of collegiate life, Oxford offered him opportunities of escape from the worries of ordinary living.
  4. In Oxford, Karen's insistence that our affair be conducted in public was just about feasible.
  5. With what? asked Stephanie, afraid for the Oxford Companions.
  6. For the first time, women graduates were admitted to Oxford University, to take degrees and the 1920 Unemployment Act extended the system of the right to "dole" payments, to almost every worker.
  7. Filmed entirely on location in and around Oxford, the setting provides an attractive backdrop to learning.
  8. Fifty miles west of London and fifteen miles south of Oxford in the English countryside is the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority's laboratory at Harwell.
  9. He only saw Emily Groundwater once again in his life, and that was at a soire at the Heathertons', to which he was invited because the Professor had told the chaplain of Paul's impending journey to Oxford.
  10. He picked up the "Fabulous Forman" title at Oxford for his flamboyant dress sense, although he toned this down when he entered Parliament in 1976 in a by-election.
  11. When he followed Jamel to Oxford he immediately joined the Communist Party, more as an act of rebellion than anything else.
  12. An Oxford graduate, Shearman brought skilled professionalism to the role - the first occasion on which the District had enjoyed the benefit of an academically well qualified tutor with experience as a WEA tutor and someone with considerable administrative talents derived from his war service experience.

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