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Перевод: oxidize speek oxidize

окислять; оксидировать; окисляться


  1. Quite often, also, hot steam blasting through a scoria cone may oxidize or "rust" the iron in the rock, giving the scoria a deep reddish-brown colour.
  2. As drainage exposes these sulphides to oxygen, they oxidize, producing sulphuric acid and ferrous sulphate, which flows towards the drains.
  3. (135) raising the temperature of some solid and liquid compounds causes them to decompose into their elements (or oxidize if they are heated in air)
  4. It probably takes many thousands of years for a characteristic black to brown desert varnish to develop, apparently through the action of bacteria which preferentially oxidize and concentrate certain elements especially manganese) supplied from dust and surface water.
  5. Flight-muscle homogenates of Hyalophora cecropia and Locusta migratoria will actively oxidize fatty acids by mechanisms not unlike those occurring in vertebrate tissues (Gilbert, 1967) but much more is known of flight-muscle metabolism in the species that use carbohydrates.
  6. If peats can be drained, sweetened (brought to a neutral pH) and kept mechanically strong enough to support plants, they are complete in themselves, although when ploughed they can oxidize rapidly into non-existence.
  7. Instead of the anaerobic gravel layer of old style aquaria, this now becomes a biologically active aerobic medium supporting bacteria which decompose organic matter to carbon dioxide and water and oxidize ammonia to nitrate.

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