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  1. Oxidized nitrogen is reduced to ammonia with Devarda's alloy, and this, together with any free ammoniacal nitrogen, is removed from the sample by boiling the alkaline solution.
  2. In animals, ATP is synthesized in special intracellular organelles, the mitochondria (see p. 31), where organic compounds such as sugars are oxidized and the resulting energy used to convert ADP into ATP.
  3. May's comment on oxidized wares seems to us today to be quite astonishing: "common flower pot red, or tile-red wares were as offensive for domestic purpose to the Romans, as to ourselves and should generally speaking, be regarded as "wasters" - overbaked and distorted specimens which accumulate in heaps besides kilns as one sometimes made use of in their own locality".
  4. Like other ommochromes it is a redox pigment, yellow when oxidized and red when reduced.
  5. half eclipsed by an oxidized tuppence
  6. And the reason for those is the iron in the blood is being oxidized by various substances in the body, it's being broken down into a form in which the body can reabsorb that iron, and during the process you go through all these colour changes because of the different forms of iron oxide being produced.
  7. However, on exposure to air, this is oxidized and precipitated as ferric hydroxide, which is usually removed from the water before use.
  8. IP 3 R sensitivity can also be enhanced by specific thiol reagents, such as oxidized glutathione or thimerosal, which probably explains how these agents induce calcium spiking in intact hepatocytes, mammalian eggs and HeLa cells.
  9. After one or two months, most of the SO 2 has been oxidized to sulphate; the efficiency of these two mechanisms then becomes negligible (although ozone remains perturbed in the lower stratosphere because of its long photochemical lifetime in this region).
  10. The nitrogenous materials which have been oxidized aerobically to nitrate are then reduced anaerobically to nitrogen.
  11. This metal is usually found in water associated with iron, and the soluble bicarbonate is oxidized and precipitated as hydroxide in the same way as for iron, although a higher pH is needed for complete precipitation.
  12. Thus methane is quickly oxidized to carbon dioxide and water, and ammonia is quickly washed out.
  13. The eruption of Mount Pinatubo injected between 15 and 30Mt of SO 2 into the stratosphere; SO 2 was oxidized and converted to sulphate aerosols in one or two months.

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