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Перевод: oxidizing



  1. These are amorphous, highly stable, dark brown or black cuticular pigments which are generally non-granular and are insoluble in the usual solvents though they are rapidly decolorized by oxidizing agents.
  2. It's bonded on tight to the surface and it stops any more air getting and oxidizing the rest of the aluminium, so we take that off with the acid and let the acid react with the aluminium nice hole in it
  3. This is measured in units of millivolts (mV), with positive values registering an oxidizing potential and negative values a reducing potential.
  4. Happily there was little other traffic - and most of that appeared to be oxidizing in heaps at the bottom of the chasms either side of us.
  5. In March 1975, a brief concern (shown to be unfounded one month later) that the use of oxidizing catalysts on vehicles was encouraging the production of sulphates which could pose a considerable threat to public health led the EPA to suspend the carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emission standard deadlines for one year.
  6. The consumption of oxygen or oxidizing agents by water arising from the presence of reducing substances, usually organic, is of value in the assessment of trade effluents and sewage but is not of great importance for process waters.
  7. No special methods were adopted to enhance the activity of bacteria oxidizing excreted ammonia (produced from metabolism of proteins) first to nitrite and then to nitrate.
  8. Oxygen dissolved in water is by far the most common oxidizing agent.

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