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Перевод: Ptolemaic speek Ptolemaic

птолемеева система мира [астр.]


  1. The science of astronomy had by this time totally undermined the old Ptolemaic system.
  2. Kepler considers the orbit of Mars in the context of differentiating between three competing models of the world system: the Copernican (in which all the planets - earth included - orbit the sun), the Ptolemaic (in which sun and planets orbit a stationary earth), and the alternative geostatic system of Tycho Brahe (see Fig.
  3. We do not know what interest rates were in Israel but we do know that the annual rate of interest in the ancient Near East was very high: in Babylonia and Assyria it was 20-;25 per cent for money loans, 33 per cent for loans in kind and frequently more; in Upper Mesopotamia and Elam rates were higher, reaching 50 per cent for money loans; in the Ptolemaic period in Egypt rates seem to have been around 12 per cent.
  4. By contrast, the sun could not have stopped, on the Ptolemaic interpretation, without violating the interconnected motions of the spheres.
  5. The Ptolemaic theory, putting the Earth at the centre of the universe, went unchallenged, except by mystical nonsense, for over a thousand years.
  6. In Galileo's text, representatives of the Copernican and Ptolemaic systems (Salviati and Simplicio respectively) defined their positions in conversation with an ostensibly neutral third party (Sagredo).
  7. Other sorts of dates do, however, crop up from time to time, namely the regnal year of a particular ruler, such as one of the Ptolemaic kings of Egypt.
  8. His arguments have something of the character of the Ptolemaic theory of the universe - brilliant, logical, grand, but despite all these things, extremely complex.
  9. The copying of rulers' portraits by private individuals may seem particularly characteristic of the Roman Empire, but it was already apparent in the Hellenistic kingdom of Ptolemaic Egypt and its dependent territories, notably Cyprus.
  10. By the time we have finished his chapter called "The Heavens", we have not only been informed about what the shape of the Ptolemaic universe was like, and how the belief in astrology worked, and how much knowledge was in our sense "scientific" and how much "poetic" or "mythological".
  11. Therefore the flower is ultimately linked to the earth itself, which is thought of as part of a "sphere" - this refers to the Ptolemaic system, already out of date in the seventeenth century.
  12. Whereas the role of the astronomer within the Ptolemaic tradition had been custodian of mathematical, predictive devices, Copernicus transformed that role by importing physical arguments into the astronomer's domain, thereby raising questions about the real motion of the earth.
  13. You must go out on a starry night and walk about for half an hour trying to see the sky in terms of the old (Ptolemaic) cosmology.

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