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Перевод: ptarmigan speek ptarmigan

белая куропатка


  1. On to the camp-site at Scaftafjell where ptarmigan forage among the tents and the dried-up river-bed is ablaze with yellow and pink stonecrop, intensely blue Alpine gentians and the beautifully named "Arctic river beauty" an epilobium which is one of my all-time favourite flowers.
  2. In the polar regions many species, such as this ptarmigan, have developed a pure white covering.
  3. The Ptarmigan was closed, and so I walked down beneath the ski-tow towards the road.
  4. All you can do is to keep moving, and hope they still have some bridies in the Ptarmigan restaurant.
  5. Over the watershed, the A.87 runs alongside Loch Cluanie, now a reservoir, below the steep slopes of more Munros; on the summit of one of them, Carn Ghluasaid, I disturbed the only ptarmigan I have ever seen.
  6. The development work will be carried out at Northern Telecom's radio technology centre of excellence at Paignton in Devon, formerly the part of STC Plc which produced the Ptarmigan radio system for the UK Ministry of Defence.
  7. The falls were in good fettle for the shots, with a lot of spring melt water and plenty of ptarmigan (for us, "chainsaws", because of their call).
  8. Ptarmigan, Mvatn
  9. If they evolved among the snows, surely those that still live there would have learned to acquire a white covering, at least in winter, like the Arctic fox, the ptarmigan and the snowshoe hare.
  10. With a core business in place, Mr Wilbraham sold the original Tace businesses for 6.5m in November last year and Don Hammond moved across to Ptarmigan, the purchaser.
  11. It's sometimes hard to explain to a person who doesn't share your enthusiasm for the plant and animal kingdom why watching three ptarmigan walking about on a clump of moss is exciting, but take my word for it that it is.
  12. Here lay the Siskin and the Lesser Redpoll, the Snow Bunting, the Roseate Tern, the Ptarmigan, white as drifted snow, the Raven, black as midnight ink.
  13. Ptarmigan seems to be following a strategy similar to that adopted by Mr Wilbraham in 1989.

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