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Перевод: pterodactyl speek pterodactyl



  1. In the foreground three dinosaurs, clearly wingless dragons rather than definite species, are fighting in mud or slime, watched by a pterodactyl with its wings spread like a cormorant.
  3. One of those, is that a pterodactyl?
  4. boTtom phutt packet lead to pterodactYL Coughcrackle on lungs 555aaaa
  5. A view of the Flight gallery looking back in time, from the HS.125 in the foreground, to the Westland/Hill Pterodactyl and Supermarine S.6B in the background.
  6. Nina came in soon after, flapping her arms like pterodactyl wings, and pounced on a girl he had never seen before.
  7. There was a sense of the primeval about the place, and it would not have surprised me unduly to see a pterodactyl alight clumsily, or a dinosaur emerge from behind the rocks.
  8. Looks like a pterodactyl that doesn't it?
  9. The Jet Ranger arced upwards, a big prehistoric pterodactyl lurching blindly in its death throes.
  10. pterodactyl with a tail!
  11. The aircraft was a two-place version of the Pterodactyl, an ancient beast imperfectly designed for efficient flight.

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