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  1. Instead, in a piece of design as simple and innovative as the original notebook clamshell, GRiD engineers have invented a special hinge that's enabled them to conceal a proper QWERTY keyboard beneath a machine that looks like a conventional, flat tablet pen computer.
  2. The keyboards are available in the 60 key Qwerty, 13 key function, 18 key numeric and LED indicator formats.
  3. The wallet-sized Portfolio weighs just over a pound, yet opens out to reveal a qwerty keyboard and an eight line by 40 column display.
  4. Attempts have been made to change the layout of the keyboard, but since millions of typists throughout the world have learnt using the QWERTY arrangement, resistance to change is considerable.
  5. The composers have had to learn a completely new keyboard layout, (with the standard QWERTY arrangement).
  6. Unlike their warm-blooded cousins they are quiet and clean, they also tend not to scare the faint-hearted as much as the sight of a full QWERTY keyboard!
  7. The QWERTY keyboard was, and still is, the principal input device.
  8. In the meantime several companies, including Psion, have launched similar products with Qwerty keyboards so there is less incentive for anyone to learn completely new fingering.
  9. Obviously many of the major objections raised here could be alleviated by simply bolting on a full QWERTY keyboard using full-travel keys this is surely not the ideal answer.
  10. Dedicated word-processors, which are currently the most popular category with users, have special keys for formatting commands in addition to the usual QWERTY keys and Function keys associated with computer keyboards.
  11. Japanese computers use the QWERTY keyboard to input Japanese to the system: this appears as the kana syllabary on the screen, and then by various methods (such as pressing the space bar) a list of possible kanji ideograms that could represent the kana text is displayed for selection.
  12. If I have any criticisms of this section it is that it underestimates the difficulties of writing software and ignores the influence the historical development of computing has on the acceptance of new ideas (what Seymour Papert calls the QWERTY phenomenon ).
  13. The GRiD offers you the choice of using a pen or a conventional QWERTY keyboard - both of which are supplied as standard.

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