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Перевод: top notch

наивысшая точка


  1. Top notch:
  2. is a keen pigeon fancier, racing most weekends during the season and a top notch dart thrower at which he has won many trophies.
  3. They have fairly regularly staged, what you might call bigger bands who play the university circuit as such and they're always, you know, dying for people to come along so there'll, th there'll be lists published at what time, what events are on at these places if you wanna go and do that and if you wanna go to the top notch bands, Birmingham's a good venue for that with the Leisure Centre, the M I A the N E C, the K G B etcetera etcetera all that stuff there so there's always plenty to do, don't, don't feel restricted just cos we're in er the middle of the city centre in this college and there doesn't seem a lot to do, there's a lot going on.
  4. A top notch slab of noise; I know bog all about Monsterland or their music but "Peanut Butter Karma" is a rockbeast.
  5. As for Forrester, Whelan, Bowman etc I got the impression that it was more desparation that made him turn to the younger players, granted their performances were top notch but I think the injury situation had more to do with it than Wilko's judgement, after all where are they now???
  6. It went so well that the consultancy is now planning to hold more top notch dinners at Cottons.
  7. Josh Gifford's charge, a former top notch hurdler, had an excellent first season over fences last year.
  8. I am sure that the maudlin singing was top notch, but this is not my point.
  9. The 22-year old Larne man was devastating in the Baltic country; indeed, most of his performances on the continent have been top notch.
  10. This is not out of nostalgia or for a longing of times gone by - it is because it is a real top notch release!

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