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Перевод: torturer speek torturer

мучитель ; палач


  1. Even the most fiendish human torturer has fallen far short of the agony provided by this small, shallow-water fish.
  2. She had come to believe instead in what might be called the "Obedient Torturer".
  3. It is an unpleasant irony that the most enthusiastic torturer of all time, the Grand Inquisitor Torquemada, carried a name that in part meant the twister - as does "torque", the twisting force of an engine.
  4. Too unsettled to have been a torturer.
  5. Their move follows a judge's protest this week that he could not imprison a 13-year-old torturer who carved his initials on a boy's back.
  6. But the cruellest experiences the victim's pain however great as less than his own enhancement of power however small, so that the suffering of a victim who is being crippled for life may be deliberately empathized by the torturer, but as less than his own titillation, which he may have forgotten by the time he goes home to lunch.
  7. How does a torturer get started?
  8. A liquidator of the best men thrown up by the Revolution, a torturer, a racialist on a Hitlerian scale, a defeatist when war was going badly, and a mind of insatiable vanity and paranoid suspicion was exposed.
  9. Torturer is jailed
  10. I thought of us as the little princes in the Tower, and of the city of London as the cruel torturer Hubert who at any moment might come and put out our poetic eyes.
  11. Iain Guest talked to him there Portrait of a torturer.
  12. The state must destroy the individual and remake him - sometimes in the image of the torturer."
  13. Torturer.

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