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Перевод: tyrannous speek tyrannous

тиранический; деспотичный; властный


  1. As I have elaborated elsewhere, the early agricultural divine monarchies seem to recapitulate, albeit in purely cultural forms, the natural conditions of that primeval existence: for instance, an economy based on grains (domesticated rather than wild), a social structure centred around one dominant, tyrannous male and his harem (now a human state rather than a primate group), and - at least in the case of some ancient Egyptian dynasties - even the recruitment of apprentice heirs-apparent (the institution known as coregency ).
  2. When it was shown to publishers, however, it was rejected as "too difficult", and indeed its young hero has to resolve the different claims of loyalty to an oath and his friends or his duty to his country as represented by the autocratic but not tyrannous government.
  3. In The Psychoanalysis of Culture I drew attention, following a hint by Freud, to the fact that the new agricultural potentates were obvious re-embodiments of the primal father and of his tyrannous, sedentary and hierarchic domination.
  4. But like any revolution the new rulers are sometimes as tyrannous as the old ones.
  5. "It has been said that "it is excellent to have a giant's strength, but it is tyrannous to use it like a giant."
  6. Because I'm a tyrannous bastard.
  7. And if the queen would not agree to all this, "as is likely", for the "greedy and tyrannous affection of France, then it is apparent that Almighty God is pleased to transfer from her the rule of the kingdom for the weale of it".
  8. The Rough Wooing, when the tyrannous strangers had been the English, was forgotten; what was resurrected from the 1540s was the idea of a united, Protestant Britain.
  9. Whatever meaning this image had had in Charlemagne's day, Walahfrid invited his contemporaries to compare and contrast the miserly, heretical, tyrannous Theodoric with the generous, orthodox and merciful Louis.

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