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длинное свободное мужское пальто; пальто свободного покроя


  1. In an attempt to generate some sort of political movement, Paisley led the DUP into a United Unionist Action Council with the remnant of Craig's Vanguard (now called the United Ulster Unionist Movement and led by Ernest Baird), the paramilitaries, and smaller groups such as the Down Orange Welfare and the Special Constabulary Association; in effect, the 1974 strike leadership without the Official Unionists.
  2. Rioting became common and the British Army had to be called in to replace the overstretched Royal Ulster Constabulary.
  3. Visits to the Ulster Museum near the city centre and the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum at Cultra are a particularly rewarding way to spend some enjoyable and inexpensive leisure hours.
  4. Dropped in, blindfolded, you could have been forgiven for thinking you were in Surrey were it not for the unmistakable twang of the Ulster accent.
  5. Kenneth Orbinson, an Ulster Television cameraman, gave evidence at the trial of those arrested on 5 October: he said that he had been sprayed while filming from the window of a flat in Duke Street; but his film was not admitted as evidence.
  6. Training has been completed for the week, and the platoon which paraded for its Pass-Off today has now left the barracks for ten days' leave prior to posting to various battalions in England, Ulster and around Europe.
  7. There is a difference between Ulster and the troubled political entity of Northern Ireland.
  8. The scene was alI too familiar to the soldiers, both from C Company of the 5th (County Londonderry) Battalion of the Ulster Defence Regiment, but on this occasion the circumstances were rather unusual.
  9. Personal and telephone bookings can be made at the Cashier's Office, University of Ulster, Coleraine during the following hours The Cashier's Office also accepts postal bookings.
  10. "Castle catholics", those who found a place in the Stormont administration and developed a stake in the union, have also voted alliance, but are probably now, in 1989, switching their allegiance to the newly found conservative associations, which are seeking to bring British party loyalties to Ulster.
  11. The main item on the agenda was future policy in Ulster but it soon became clear that another issue had become dominant.
  12. No claim has yet been made by any paramilitary group about his killing and the Royal Ulster Constabulary said yesterday they were not aware of any reason why he should have been a target.
  13. Dr Brian Caul Head of Student Services University of Ulster Cromore Road Coleraine Co Londonderry BT52 1SA Tel: (0265) 44141 ext 4397.

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