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Перевод: ulterior speek ulterior

скрытый; невыраженный; дальнейший; последующий; расположенный дальше; лежащий по ту сторону


  1. Jerry looked up to me as his hero; the rapport and affinity between him and me transcended all things; with us it was true brotherly love, which exists to this day, with no ulterior motives no payments no conditions.
  2. That was something men rarely did to women unless they had an ulterior motive, Nigel believed.
  3. The guilt of consumption, of being consumed, has to be expunged, validated by a second, ulterior use (drinking Nicaraguan coffee annoys Reagan, going to a rock benefit is fun with a purpose).
  4. However, they had an ulterior motive: perfume, particularly rose, was believed to quell the intoxicating effects of alcohol, which meant they could drink more!
  5. What ulterior motive lay behind his desire to ride?
  6. The hidden agenda is called an ulterior transaction and is represented diagrammatically by dotted lines rather than the solid ones used to illustrate complementary and crossed transactions (see page 58).
  7. Those who created nuclear physics were as innocent of ulterior motivation as those who distilled a knowledge of the administration and society of ancient Egypt and Assyria from cuneiform inscriptions or Greek papyri.
  8. However, for Guangming Ribao, all her appeals to students to end the demonstrations had an ulterior motive.
  9. What makes the position of the Free Church more problematic is that, where the ulterior motive is connected to a set of strong commitments outside the Church, then changes in those commitments can cause disruption in the Church.
  10. If, therefore, a person can prove that the statements or criticisms complained of went beyond reasonable or forceful debate and were defamatory (as for example, a torrent of defamatory invective), and were influenced by indirect or ulterior motives, he might well be justified in issuing a writ.
  11. Pastiche is, like parody, the imitation of a peculiar or unique style, the wearing of a stylistic mask, speech in a dead language: but it is a neutral practice of mimicry, without parody's ulterior motive, without the satirical impulse, without laughter, without that still latent feeling that there exists something normal compared to which what is being imitated is rather comic.
  12. You see I am only a Feldwebel and I have no ulterior motives at all.
  13. "What we are seeing here is a well thought-out, carefully crafted attempt to hijack the environmental agenda for ulterior purposes," he declared.

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