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Перевод: ultra speek ultra

человек крайних взглядов; ультра


  1. It is based around ultra high speed serial processors whereas a multibit system employs slower, less problematical parallel processing.
  2. The question of whether an authority is exceeding its power in imposing a particular condition on a planning permission - ultra vires , as the law puts it - and what happens when ultra vires , is easily stated but difficult to determine in practice.
  3. In such a situation, it is hard to believe Zarei's claim that he is still enjoying running, but an essential part of the make-up of any top ultra runner is a fierce determination to test themselves to the limit.
  4. During the Battle of Britain, Air Chief Marshal Dowding had the incomparable advantage of information from Ultra and he monitored its signals very carefully; he knew, therefore, that only fifty per cent of the German aircraft were then serviceable, and so, on 15 September he sent up every available fighter plane against the enemy.
  5. If a condition is ultra vires , the second question is, what happens to the consent?
  6. Cases abound under Commonwealth common law systems of courts striking down as ultra vires a constitution, Acts of a legislature.
  7. So far as I am aware, no writer on Ultra has noted the comparison between the Coventry affair and an episode in the First World War when secret intelligence was apparently neglected in order to protect the source.
  8. Replace the 12AX7-ECC83 valve in the preamp stage that drives the overdrive channels (Crunch and Ultra) with a valve that is brighter and cleaner.
  9. It is a routine which would break most people, but Zarei is a top class ultra runner and this relentless pounding of the streets of London is merely preparation for some of the world's most gruelling races.
  10. The bizarre story of Winterbotham's unhindered wanderings round Hitler's domain is one of the two highlights of The Ultra Spy, the other being his adventures as organiser of the information later garnered from Ultra.
  11. Two further examples may show the effect of Ultra on the conduct of the war: the sinking of the Bismarck on 27 May 1941; and that critical moment in the Western Desert in August 1942 when Montgomery, through Ultra, was able to predict the direction and strength of Rommel's attack at Alam Halfa, where the Axis failure prepared the ground for the British success at El Alamein in the autumn.
  12. A case of Ultra Vires
  13. This type of system works by pumping pond water through a quartz tube running parallel to an ultra violet germicidal lamp.

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