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Перевод: ultrasonic speek ultrasonic

сверхзвуковой; ультразвуковой


  1. An example was ultrasound, suggested by a zoologist whose colleague's "bat detector", which receives sound in ultrasonic frequencies, had picked up a strong signal emanating from a nearby ancient site.
  2. Screwdriver blades might have a retractable sheath or ultrasonic guards, for example.
  3. Yet it is in the inner ear that the returning ultrasonic echoes are received, and where one might expect to find problems.
  4. There was an outburst of ultrasonic pulsing in February 1979, starting 8-;10 minutes before sunrise at new moon and 25 - 35 minutes before sunrise at full moon.
  5. The principle horrified hi-fi buffs when it was first announced, because it chopped the sound wave up at an ultrasonic rate and described each "slice" as a binary number.
  6. The use of high and low frequency ultrasonic waves in polymer chemistry is followed by polymerisation together with references.
  7. Aspect, Dalibard and Roger have produced such an optical switch by exciting an ultrasonic standing-wave in a cell of water.
  8. In autumn 1978, ultrasonic pulsing at two-second intervals was recorded at dawn at the King Stone.
  9. Computer-aided design/computer-aided management (CAD/CAM); Applications of finite element techniques; Design and development of heat transfer systems as applied to tools for diecasting and injection moulding; Service performance of explosive welds; processability of polymer and polymer/additive blends; Alloying of polymers, including interpenetrating networks; Modified burning characteristics of polymers; Advanced engineering composites; Effect of moisture and low-energy impact on carbon-fibre reinforced first generation and toughened epoxy resins; Processing, structure and property interaction of fibre reinforced thermoplastics; Composite type rubbers; Robot kinematics and dynamics; Frictionless hydraulic actuators; Metal forming; Machine tool performance; Computer analysis of component roundness; Dynamic stability in cutting; Finite element modelling of EDM parameters; Automatic control of ram movement and strip feeds of hydraulic press; Blood flow analysis and bone necrosis; Ultrasonic evaluation of adhesive-bonded metal structures.
  10. Go further up and you reach ultrasonic frequencies where the noise can be heard by dogs and not humans.
  11. The latter invention was an accidental discovery, made when a faulty recording amplifier developed ultrasonic oscillations, and the reason why it worked was very difficult to explain.
  12. All the roofs will be surveyed using traditional techniques, but detailed investigation, using a range of monitoring equipment including infra-red thermography, ultrasonic pulse-echo testing and strain gauges, will be carried out on a smaller sample.
  13. And if we can learn more about their sensitivity to ultrasonic sounds, we may finally grasp how they can "know" that someone is approaching from a great distance.

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