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Перевод: vogue speek vogue

мода ; популярность


  1. I prefer to look at a nice fashion magazine, French Vogue or Italian Vogue.
  2. The booksellers in that sense amplified the vogue enjoyed by Duck's verse, and exploited it further by publishing other labouring poets.
  3. It can leave one hopelessly confused as new fitness fashions go in and out of vogue and you come into the orbit of different coaches.
  4. It is primarily her appearance, not the formal language of her art, that has graced the pages of Elle and Vogue magazines.
  5. Attempts to simplify this, particularly in the vogue for a massive Romanesque style in the 1880s, foundered on the sheer scope of station-building continent-wide, and the range of experimentation which arose from the repeated station renewal of railway companies whose exaggerated energy and corporate conceit were to endanger their own survival.
  6. If something had to be labelled with this vogue word "citizenship", they no doubt felt that the more they included in their responses, the better they would be thought to be discharging the task of citizenship education.
  7. Can an exhaust brake be fitted to my 1989 Range Rover Vogue V8 auto as, on long declines it will gain enough momentum not only to rip the skin off a rice pudding, but take the table and chairs with it.
  8. The Te Deum was never the most popular text amongst composers of the pre-Baroque, but in the eighteenth century it enjoyed a new, though rather limited, vogue: from Purcell and Handel to Haydn, festive settings with large and colourful forces became the norm.
  9. Vogue recommended comfortable sports clothes and the obligatory pyjamas de bteau for day wear.
  10. Donovan, the folk guru who was a git in the Sixties with grooves such as "Goo Goo Barabajagal" and "Mellow Yellow", has come back into vogue.
  11. To Norman Cook the success of records like that and music such as En Vogue's "Lies", music he plays at his "Ted Free Zone" night in Brighton, signals the end of the uptempo madness that was house.
  12. There weren't really any proper ones for men, so he contented himself with Vogue, Marie Claire and Harpers .
  13. Vogue assured its readers that "everyone goes cruising and the trouble is not to find a cruise but to choose from the numberless, almost equally alluring cruises that are most suited to one's particular fancy".

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