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Перевод: voice speek voice

голос ; глас ; мнение; залог [грам.] ; телефонная связь;
выражать; произносить звонко [фон.]; озвончать


  1. "She has a great voice," said one reveller.
  2. When you follow that voice, you will find doors opening everywhere.
  3. In recent years, it has become common for local political party caucuses to threaten to withdraw endorsement as candidates from Members who voice views unacceptable to them and there seems to be no reason in principle why this should not be treated by the House as a contempt the essence of which, in this respect, is to deny to a Member the freedom to exercise his power as a Member in the manner dictated by his own personal judgment.
  4. Vyshinsky's speech was clearly made for the dual purpose of endeavouring to depict the Soviet Union in a more conciliatory light in global terms and to try to gain a voice in the negotiations leading to a treaty.
  5. The WI choir plunged shrilly into voice.
  6. Cameron's voice dried up their excitement like a dose of paregoric.
  7. At the beginning of his next performance his voice was crystal clear, being completely free from the previous defects.
  8. The flush was still there, and in his voice something that might have been an appeal.
  9. Struggling with a rasping voice Clinton, wife Hillary at his side, embarked on a gruelling, non-stop 4,106 mile journey to ten cities in nine states, flying from one airport rally to the next.
  10. Then, above all those discordant sounds, I heard Ellen's voice rise in sudden indignation.
  11. "Jessamyn," his voice was amplified by something inside his helmet.
  12. Footsteps and the sound of a boy's voice were approaching the hedge.
  13. Oi is a spiritual purge on everything that doesn't sound like the voice of the Mob with its back against the wall.

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