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Перевод: voicing



  1. In an astonishing verbal assault on the justice administration and on the civil service, Hitler - allegedly voicing the exact sentiments of a great proportion of the population - made it clear whom he thought the main culprits were, and threatened to remove their privileged position and "well-established rights" and to dismiss offenders instantaneously.
  2. To perform this effectively you should hold down each full chord voicing wherever possible, so that if you pick any strings accidentally the notes that sound will still be okay!
  3. This time, however, conservative, bourgeois, and intellectual circles were said to be voicing "still carefully expressed fears about a certain legal insecurity in future".
  4. These meetings took place every year until 1965, they usually took one day and the French participants used to call them "Cashmere meetings" because, after voicing their disinclination to cooperate, they would leave and go to buy Scottish pullovers.
  5. Similarly, in what seemed a particularly unconventional technique at the time, Michel Butor, in La Modification (1957), employs a second-person narrative as a means, apparently, of voicing the monologue which Lon Delmont is conducting with himself as he travels from Paris to Rome to join his mistress, explaining to himself the history of his affair and anticipating how it will resolve itself.
  6. Libyans knew of civilians imprisoned, officers hanged or shot for voicing opinions contrary to the regime, and they took care not to expose themselves by expressing hostility or opposition in public.
  7. Even so, it seems evidently to have been the case that before Stalingrad the voicing of direct criticism of the person of the Fhrer and his leadership was a rarity.
  8. Moreover, Bridgeman justified his actions to Balfour in terms which Maxse would have approved, arguing that Balfour seemed to be "surrounded by men who are not in touch with the mass of the Party", complaining of "the extraordinary difference in perspective which party questions assume inside the House from that presented by them to the man in the street" and voicing suspicions about the secrecy of Parliamentary procedures such as "the pourparlers of the whips of both sides".
  9. But, in the long years of policy revision and image revitalisation, Labour has not found another, effective way of voicing these changed realities.
  10. I tried inputting the X-Amp through a mixer straight to an ADAT using the amp's cabinet voicing facility.
  11. One is therefore somewhat at a loss whether to regard the Committee or the House as voicing the correct view and the matter remains somewhat uncertain.
  12. And since the mandolin has a different tuning to the guitar, it gives you a different chord voicing to everybody else.
  13. Galileo produced his famous book called in brief A Dialogue etc. between a Peripatetic aptly called Simplicio, a Venetian gentleman Sagredo (actually Galileo's close friend of the old days) and a scientifically informed Florentine, Salvatio, who was really voicing the opinions of Galileo himself.

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