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Перевод: volcanic speek volcanic

вулканический; бурный; огнедышащий


  1. In many volcanic areas the locals make a practice of collecting small samples of lava in this way, and then mould it while still hot into ashtrays, medallions and so on, to sell as souvenirs of the eruption.
  2. On 27 April, an investigating party climbed up from St Pierre to find out what was happening, and found that the Etang Sec now contained a small lake, in the middle of which a small volcanic cone had begun to grow.
  3. Further to the north, along the ice-bound coast of Marie Byrd Land are more volcanoes, and a well-defined belt soon becomes established, swinging away into the long, crooked arm of the Graham Land peninsula, and then eastwards into a scatter of desolate, little-known volcanic islands, the South Sandwich Islands.
  4. On the other hand, if archaeological finds are sandwiched between two volcanic rock layers, then the dates for them will bracket the date of the archaeology.
  5. "I bet she's a virgin, and she'd be volcanic in the sack."
  6. From afar it looks like the classical volcanic cone and it is with a mounting sense of excitement that I climb the last section of loose lava gravel and sharp, welded lava rock.
  7. These are the archetypal volcanic rocks, called basalts.
  8. In the few thousand years that civilized man has lived on Earth, there has been an extremely large number of volcanic eruptions.
  9. He suggested that beneath the volcanic Mid-Atlantic Ridge there was an upwelling convective current of hot, partly-liquid rock in the mantle and that as this column approached the surface it would split, turning away from the ridge in two branches.
  10. When lava flows are erupted at the surface, they are necessarily rapidly chilled, and volcanic glasses are common.
  11. The volcanic eruptions are thought to have finished some 1.7 million years ago, and the volcanoes are considered extinct.
  12. Another theory is that some is juvenile water, released from molten rock deep within the Earth's crust, often during volcanic eruptions.
  13. In one dip in the mountains, where the sun has just sunk, there is a red volcanic brilliance.

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