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Перевод: volition speek volition

воля ; волевой акт; хотение; сила воли


  1. Counselling has to be rooted in practical reality, with the dangers and opportunities of retirement being presented side by side, and with the understanding that personal decision and volition will determine a large part of the eventual outcome.
  2. Changing the patterns of our social performance can only take place from within our own selves, and through our own volition.
  3. She lowered the mug under her own volition and he took it from her.
  4. The court does not, of its own volition, enquire into the merits of the case.
  5. The Australian, Craig Parry, misses Wentworth, but by his own volition.
  6. Goldstein in the United States, a strong advocate of the patient's right to self-determination, argues that a person involuntarily incarcerated in a mental hospital, for example, is in no different a position from a free person, except that incarceration affects volition, not the patient's capacity to make a choice.
  7. These include not only chaotic disruption of thinking (and perception) upon which originality ultimately depends; but also disturbances of mood, motor response, and volition that secondarily prevent the individual from organising his or her mental processes into the orderly sequence required for creative work.
  8. Entirely of his own volition, he stumped the country with his soapbox.
  9. The Registrar advises that if the data user is satisfied that the child understands what he is asking and is acting on his own volition his request must be obeyed.
  10. It states that "even those medical authorities who label alcoholism a "disease" concede that it is a disease that can and does involve significant elements of volition".
  11. At base, they have a terrifying volition and ruthlessness.
  12. But not of his own volition.
  13. In the end Frank and I met of our own volition.

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