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  1. 6.3.1 Volumetric changes of the rock mass
  2. As a result of this and an examination to collect volumetric data about the main EPH records and procedures, a draft user requirement was prepared, showing the potential for computer support and the likely costs of the options for system development.
  3. Matisse comes at the end of a tradition of Renaissance illusionism and volumetric painting which is irrevocably shifting into something different and he wants it both ways, just as Giotto wanted it both ways.
  4. A second mean diameter is derived by immersing the pebble in water to determine the volume of water displaced, from which the volumetric diameter, D v is calculated using the expression .
  5. Originally named the Laboratory Equipment Corporation LECO is based in St Joseph, Michigan, USA and started life by developing and introducing the first volumetric carbon determinator for the iron and steel industry.
  6. In the age of Computer Aided Design (CAD) that is arriving, complex modes of transposition and modulation become accessible from linear to volumetric; radial to circumferential; open to closed.
  7. The physical breakdown of rock is always associated with some kind of volume change and it is useful to categorize the various processes into those involving an overall volumetric change in the rock mass and those related to changes in volume of material introduced into voids or fissures in the rock.
  8. The volumetric analysis covered in the chemical methods section is unnecessarily long because it mainly consists of acid-base and indicator theory that can be found in standard A-level textbooks.
  9. Many of the canvases produced in the later part of 1906 constitute what might be called a "crisis" point in Picasso's art in that he was becoming increasingly obsessed with creating figures which were heavily volumetric, indeed often almost grotesquely bulky, but which simultaneously adhered or clung to the picture plane: the effect they produce could best be described by imagining a series of pneumatic models pushed up against heavy panes of glass and pumped up with air, so that they get larger and larger whilst simultaneously flattening up against the surface in front of them.
  10. Whilst volumetric information can only be inferred, the full visual appearance of the solid object can be generated.
  11. The main emphasis was placed on point-counting to determine the volumetric fraction of the mineralogical composition of the rock.
  12. (b) Lead citrate: add 1.33 g of lead nitrate and 1.76 g of sodium citrate to 30 ml of CO2-free double-distilled water in a 50 ml volumetric flask.
  13. Then gallery manager, Catriona Colledge, formerly Fabian Carlsson's assistant, will exhibit large volumetric wood or bronze sculptures by Jeff Lowe, who showed with Nicola Jacobs in 1988 (14 October-20 November).

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