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Перевод: voracious speek voracious

прожорливый; жадный; ненасытный


  1. Armies of lacewings, green flying insects with delicate wings and voracious appetites for other beasties, are being unleashed to consume billions of tiny aphids which devour the hops used in brewing.
  2. As this observation suggests, combined or separate attacks from dry rot and other less voracious fungi are common in neglected and decaying buildings.
  3. Yet a flexible stem makes such a difference; horizontal placements, angled placements, pockets, all gobbled up by its voracious cams.
  4. But as his success within the Movement, within the German State, and on the international stage grew until it knew no bounds, so the self-deception of the "conviction" ideologist magnified to the extent that it ultimately consumed all traces of the calculating and opportunist politician, leaving in its place only a voracious appetite for destruction - and ultimately self-destruction.
  5. Back in The Hague there is still enough art for the most voracious appetite, at the Prince Willem gallery and the Gemeentemuseum.
  6. Audrey was famous for her accuracy, and her appetite for information was voracious.
  7. Soft-bodied, voracious molluscs that often shelter by day beneath leaves and plant debris, and feed at night.
  8. When Wales were successful in the Seventies (and even then they could not beat the Blacks), mere victory was not enough; it had to be done with panache and by a heap of points to satisfy the demands of a voracious populace.
  9. Different molluscs fill most of the possible ecological roles available to marine organisms: some are voracious hunters, others graze on algae or feed directly on organic material in muddy sediments, others again are filter-feeders.
  10. Stones from the sky arrive infrequently, so there is a premium on discovering old falls to feed the voracious appetite of science.
  11. Japan's status as an economic superpower will shortly be marked at the International Monetary Fund and its surpluses, built on the voracious consumer, speak for themselves.
  12. Was this Christian especially voracious or were you just unusually vulnerable?
  13. Among the unconcealed shallows of his character were a vast and voracious ego and many unmistakable traits of the authoritarian personality.

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