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Перевод: voting

голосование; выборы


  1. A compromise might be agreed with whaling nations who dissent from voting for moratoria by allowing them a more restricted quota than originally proposed.
  2. Many of these families carefully weighed the balance of pro-PLO and pro-Jordanian sympathy locally, and chose from their ranks a suitable candidate to reflect opinion in the voting population.
  3. There is no express disqualification from voting in the case of mental patients other than the general reference to "any legal incapacity to vote" in s.1(l) (b) (i) of the 1983 Act but it is generally considered that any person who, at the moment of voting, lacked capacity to understand what he was immediately about to do, whether by reason of mental illness or drunkenness, etc., could be denied the right to vote by the presiding officer at the poll.
  4. The voting continued throughout Monday night, eight candidates putting themselves forward for the honour.
  5. Mori's analysis of the voting intentions of some 22,000 people reveals a similar pattern of Labour failing to gain ground among those who would be most likely to benefit from its policies.
  6. A victory for anyone but the Conservatives on Thursday would result in a strengthened grip of the Brussels bureaucracy, a direct threat to the Act of Union, and a swift slide towards an alien voting system.
  7. The Labour Party Conference: Block voting reform may be linked to membership drive: Possible block vote reforms all leave trade unions with a powerful voice.
  8. Fair voting for an effective Parliament
  9. Namibia's more than 700,000 residents are voting for a 72-member constituent assembly to draw up an independence constitution and prepare the way for full independence next year, perhaps as early as April.
  10. Our 1986-87 panel study has not been repeated, but we can get some idea of the impact of the press in 1991-92 by comparing Mori polls of newspaper readers' voting intentions in 1991 with votes in 1992.
  11. President Franois Mitterrand of France yesterday called for the deportation of illegal immigrants and for sanctions against their employers, but said he believed guest workers should have voting rights.
  12. All of these findings remained broadly similar irrespective of whether we analysed total warmth towards parties and party leaders, total ratings for the parties' performance on issues, or total inclinations towards voting for all three leading parties (Table 8.8).
  13. "In Stratford in particular, there is a hard core that hate anglers and they seem to be able to sway the rest of the council at voting time.

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