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Перевод: voyage speek voyage

путешествие; плавание; полет ; перелет ; рейс ; книга или рассказ о путевых впечатлениях;
путешествовать; плавать; летать


  1. The voyage of the good ship "Ceilidh" in September provided us with many lessons in seamanship and Christian living.
  2. However, he was persuaded to stay in England when he considered that his poor state of health probably would not have allowed him to survive the hardship of a long sea voyage in those days.
  3. It is apparent that the voyage provoked conflict which the four are reluctant to talk about.
  4. The maiden voyage may have to be postponed for five months as a result of a fault in one of Challenger's fuel tanks.
  5. The Levant was in arms: there was danger in every voyage, and no way of telling how a half-Portuguese youth or a Flemish woman would contrive safely to make their way home.
  6. The captains of the galleys chosen for the voyage drove their men to work, repainting the dragon-heads, stitching new sails and pennons.
  7. At the Haymarket he directed Alec Guinness as John Mortimer's blind father in A Voyage Round My Father; at the Royal Court his version of Charles Wood's Veterans starred John Gielgud and John Mills as two film actors on location (the play was said to be based on the filming of Tony Richardson's Charge of the Light Brigade); and at the New Theatre, Donald Sinden scored a brilliant success as an urban fop pursuing a country heiress in Eyre's revival of Dion Boucicault's London Assurance.
  8. Most went by road to distribution ports on the local rivers, including the Ouse and Rother, for the long voyage to London or other selling points.
  9. Gale justifies his efforts in part by stating "The idea that Darwin returned from Beagle voyage a finished naturalist ready to take the British natural history community by storm is simply not true
  10. Of the topographical and travel works there is none finer or ranking higher than William Daniell and Richard Ayton's A Voyage Round Great Britain , eight volumes, 1814-;15, with over three hundred superb coloured aquatint plates.
  11. SPACELAB, Europe's first major voyage aboard America's space shuttle, will probably hobble through its paces at less than full capacity, according to scientists involved in the project and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
  12. In 1844 William Makepeace Thackeray managed to get P O to give him a free passage on a voyage to Athens, Constantinople, Jerusalem and Cairo and earned money by writing about the trip afterwards.
  13. For a while she listened, trying to find out more about her new owner, but the conversation veered back to the voyage.

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