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  1. The bridgehead has been the small Western community, which now has the use of a state-of-the-art office services joint venture to be found at 50 Gorky Street in central Moscow, as well as "Reprotsentr", in which Rank Xerox is a partner.
  2. That's why many leading companies are now realising what Rank Xerox Facilities Management can offer.
  3. XEROX: Shakespeare's silent character, hence the continuing confusion over "Something is rotten Xerox in the state of Denmark", "Neither a borrower nor a lender be for loan Xerox oft loses both itself and Xerox friend" and the most famous "You are disgusting, in fact you are rank, Xerox."
  4. Things changed dramatically after 1975 when the US Federal Trade Commission required Xerox to grant worldwide licences for its copier patents.
  5. Xerox also developed, in Mr Zelmer's words, "an absolute passion for customer satisfaction".
  6. Xerox was soon on the receiving end of intense competition, notably from Japan.
  7. In one month alone, two million photocopies were produced on the inquiry's giant Xerox machines.
  8. The companies successfully argued that many elements of the Macintosh screen, which uses movable symbols rather than typed commands, were not original or that they had been invented by Xerox Corporation or International Business Machines.
  10. XEROX filed a 150 million lawsuit against Apple Computer in the US District Court, San Francisco, last Thursday.
  11. Xerox responded by embarking on a benchmarking exercise, comparing itself with its Japanese competitors.
  12. Xerox further claims that Apple copied substantial portions of its Lisa and Macintosh Finder programs, including the design and appearance of the main application windows, dialogue boxes and menu, and some of the icons used.
  13. Xerox now applies benchmarking across its entire operation as part of a total quality management process.

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