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  1. For matrix materials like methane, nitrogen, krypton and xenon, this is not too surprising.
  2. To polarise the xenon atoms, Happer and his colleagues T. McLelland of Case Western Reserve University, and N. D. Bhaskar, first mix some rubidium atoms with xenon gas.
  3. In second form science (at least in the author's day) we are taught that the atmosphere contains roughly four-fifths nitrogen; one-fifth oxygen; and traces of carbon dioxide, water vapour, and "rare" or "inert" gases, such as neon and xenon.
  4. The source of illumination should ideally have the same spectral distribution as daylight; most artificial light sources do not, although xenon discharge lamps do.
  5. According to Wickramasinghe, xenon at 40 atmospheres should provide a fivefold improvement in resolution over a water-coupled instrument.
  6. During this time approximately 1000 of the 1025 atoms of tellurium in the sample would change to xenon by double beta decay, and the xenon atoms could be detected by RIS methods.
  7. A good choice is one of the inert gases; neon, argon, krypton, or xenon.
  8. One proposal is to take a 2-kg piece of tellurium and leave this for a year; tellurium is chosen because it transmutes into xenon, which is unreactive and relatively easy to detect.
  9. Tracer substances such as radioactive xenon are more rapidly removed from an inflamed joint - their half-life in the joint inversely correlating with the degree of inflammation - and so attempts to blame poor blood supply for the nutritional deficit are probably misconceived.
  10. Scientists at IBM's Almaden research centre in San Jose, California, gave a dramatic example of this last spring when they released a picture of 35 xenon atoms arranged to spell their company's name on the surface of a nickel crystal.
  11. So far Happer has concentrated on producing polarised xenon atoms.
  12. Today's children have been IBM written in xenon atoms; they learn (without comment from anyone) the shape of India, the Earth's distance from the moon, dinosaurs and many other things they will never verify themselves; yet the first reaction of many adults to our lessons is "How do you get them to believe"?

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