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Перевод: xenophobia speek xenophobia

ксенофобия ; неприязнь к иностранцам; неприязненное отношение к иностранцам


  1. It's this island race mentality: the paranoia, the xenophobia, having no land-bridge for twelve thousand years.
  2. It marks an end to the male chauvinism and Xenophobia that made the county of the white rose among the last bastions of prejudice.
  3. Adding a touch of xenophobia to censorious morality, Louis Veuillot, the Catholic journalist, in a work significantly entitled Les Odeurs de Paris , poured scorn on the city:
  4. Second then, homophobia often intersects with other kinds of phobia and hatred: in this case, and rather economically, not only misogyny but also racism and xenophobia.
  5. This form of cultural xenophobia was indeed common in the 1950s, mainly in anti-American versions, but that battle has long been forgotten.
  6. In England, that kind of patriotism is something you do with other consenting adults under the covers with the lights out, and usually comes with various unpleasant side-effects such as xenophobia, anti-Semitism, Anglo-Catholicism and so on.
  7. The point is not whether some places, or even some regions and countries should be, or could still be, protected from disruption by change, but whether this is what modern political xenophobia is actually trying to do.
  8. In fact, as the global expansion of Indian and Chinese restaurants suggests, xenophobia is directed against foreign people, not foreign cultural imports.
  9. This mutation takes two forms, which have little or nothing in common except the need or desire to control state policy: national separatism and national xenophobia, which means being against foreigners by setting up "our" own state, and being against them by excluding them from "our" already existing state.
  10. This is the urbane version of how to relate to the "other"; it is what post/modernists aspire to in contrast to the negative, paranoid, fearful way of relating to the other which produces (for instance) misogyny, homophobia, racism, and xenophobia.
  11. National xenophobia shading into racism is almost universal.
  12. (Foreigners, when it happened to them, sometimes considered it a manifestation of xenophobia; but such evidence as there is suggests it was indiscriminate, an endemic propensity to sudden rigour which overcame individuals from time to time and afflicted everyone in contact with the official thus possessed.)
  13. During the First World War the little colony of gifted foreigners in Montparnasse and French artists unfit for military service was increasingly shunned by the rest of society at a time when xenophobia was rife and contempt for any man out of uniform was universal.

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