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  1. I am undecided as to whether this is because the British are an unadventurous and xenophobic nation, or whether it is because boules is a stupid game.
  2. The people whom Mary came to rule in Scotland were not simply able to rest on their laurels of size, wealth and power, like the French whom she had ruled as queen consort; nor were they introspective and xenophobic, like the English whom she wanted to rule.
  3. Any challenge to what is an almost xenophobic and dichotomous world of "order" and "disorder" casts the social analyst and the critical criminologist onto the dark side of the binary.
  4. The relatively sudden rise of xenophobic parties, or of the xenophobic issue in politics, is largely due to this.
  5. All I can do now is praise the NME for finally showing him to be the xenophobic shit that he really is.
  6. The illegals have only to look at the plight of the large Korean minority - 690,000 of Japan's 1.1 million registered foreign residents - to know they will never be accepted in this xenophobic land.
  7. The spectre of an isolated, xenophobic China is one that neither Washington nor Moscow welcomes.
  8. I wish Mr Coleman a safe trip home and a less xenophobic piece next year.
  9. On the heels of the National Front's success last month in France and the triumphs of similar xenophobic right-wing parties in Belgium, Austria and Sweden, the ultra-right's gains in the two former West German states were hardly surprising.
  10. He accuses the Americans of being xenophobic: "It's very difficult for the Americans because it's most unusual for them to adopt a standard not written by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  11. And yet there is no denying that "ethnic" identities which had no political or even existential significance until yesterday (for instance being a "Lombard", which is now the title of the xenophobic leagues in north Italy) can acquire a genuine hold as badges of group identity overnight.
  12. These were the people most at risk from foreign agricultural policies, the failure of banks, under-capitalisation, the closure of foreign trade, tariff barriers and a whole range of xenophobic fears.

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