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Перевод: Xmas speek Xmas



  1. Four sides of horribly familiar Eurospeak announced a new EC "Xmas Card Simplification and Harmonisation Directive", establishing a Christmas Card Regional Unemployment Directorate under the supervision of Germany's Bundespost.
  2. Bike trip to save pennies at Xmas cost dad his life
  3. Based out of their menswear shop, The Depot, in Birmingham's Piccadilly Street, for the last five years, the Ryans and partner Lee Garrick have organised regular excursions to Nottingham's Venus, small, friendly boat parties (including one memorable all-nighter in London's Docklands and their regular Xmas fancy dress jaunt in Worcestershire), and high quality one-off events for bigger crowds.
  4. Patrick Chauvel and I could see things were about to happen in Panama, Noriega had declared war on America, but it was Xmas and only a few of us went there.
  5. "It must be wonderful to be a father, wake up on Xmas morning and say, "What have we bought everybody?"
  6. Prior to my fifteenth birthday I had asked for train sets and cowboy suits for Xmas and birthdays, and until I was eighteen I spent Saturday afternoons making tea and sandwiches for my Mam and some girls from school as they talked endlessly of "fellas" and clothes and make-up - subjects never of any interest to me.
  7. I suppose I should call it Xmas muzak since it has nothing to do with Christ nor with music.
  8. Arrive home, carry first boxful in, go out again to car where Henry and Harriet are engaged in the first barney of Xmas, and to my horror hear front door slam behind me.
  9. The Xmas sale raised over 40.
  10. Brewer's Xmas joy
  11. Send your answer to JHS Xmas Stocking Comp, Guitarist, Alexander House, Forehill, Ely, Cambs CB7 4AF .
  12. Last year, nearly 300 had been collected for the Spanish Fund, and within the space of a month, including Xmas no less than three large indoor meetings had been held, of which one was the Town Hall meeting at which one of the largest collections ever received at a Labour meeting in Leeds was taken up.
  13. There is an account of the rock and roll evening last month, and Sarah invites us to participate in a Xmas trip on the "Santa Special".

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