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  1. The opening moderato suggests a striving, menace-laden drama, with psychological overtones provided by marimba and xylophone in the percussion.
  2. Peter had borrowed a xylophone from a dying patient at the hospice and with Alice on the violin and Tom with his trumpet, they were attempting the foxtrot from a Shostakovich jazz band suite.
  3. A xylophone's nonsense heard from another form.
  4. Ribs like a xylophone, they said.
  5. He played the guests on and off and also accompanied the people who sang - Paul McCartney, Liza Minnelli and Tom Jones, and a few more unlikely names, too, such as Lenny Henry, George Segal on the banjo, and Patrick Moore on the xylophone.
  6. He tried to introduce Meredith, holding the broken doll and shouting above xylophone clamour and a relentless pop-pop from the toy tank.
  7. Forty-eight were used in one production and of these the Eight Extraordinary Dancers did their own specialities which were naturally very juvenile: the Pony Trot , the Bells and the Xylophone .
  9. But there are signs of haste in the recording or editing process - at 23'04" in the first movement (eight bars after fig. 69) the first piccolo appears to play G and A flat together, as though two takes have been momentarily overlaid; then there is a stray timpani stroke at 952 in the third movement, what sounds like a stray clonk on the xylophone at 354 in the finale, and, most unfortunate of all, a discrepancy of tuning between the timpani and the rest of the orchestra later in this movement (at 425, in the return of the introduction).
  10. Emma was experimenting with atonal motifs on a xylophone and Vicky had been given a doll but had pulled the arm off.
  11. Er I don't know if I can give xylophone cat, it's a good erm
  12. A cat that can play a xylophone .
  13. His most famous invention, however, was a stone xylophone, invented when Neddy noticed that a stone he had found in a beck gave out a clear note when struck.

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