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Перевод: yielding speek yielding

уступчивый; покладистый; мягкий; податливый; упругий; пружинистый; неустойчивый; оседающий


  1. The only surviving example of the latter is a calendrical mechanism yielding the shape and age of the moon in days and the positions of the sun and moon in the zodiac.
  2. Both direct approaches and efforts to set up regional recruitment events are yielding positive results in four of the regions and we are still awaiting response to the other four.
  3. Hew Leyshon, convertibles specialist at James Capel, believes a portfolio yielding a good 30 p.c. more than the market average can easily be constructed, keeping away from most speculative issues and sticking to stocks where the underlying business is undoubtedly strong.
  4. The chose pose proved interesting, and suited the size of the timber, yielding very little waste.
  5. It is a tough relative of wheat, but fell out of favour with farmers as they switched to higher yielding wheat varieties which were easier to grind into flour.
  6. The Rochester and Chatham Council accepted a similar invitation from their local School Board: hitherto the Board's inspector had been an Anglican priest so that Anglican "exclusiveness" was yielding in this microcosm to the new England.
  7. In each order an adaptive radiation has proceeded in the manner of an opening fan, eventually yielding the variety of forms extant today.
  8. As well as reacting with simple RCN systems, SNS+ reacts with multicyano compounds - eg dicyanobenzenes, dicyanogen (NCCN), tricyanobenzene and tricyanomethanide - yielding the corresponding bis and tris(dithiadiazolium) cations.
  9. The southern icy continent has been yielding a harvest of strange meteorites
  10. In the words of King (1987) the potential of agroforestry is " fast becoming recognised as a system which is capable of yielding both wood and food and at the same time of conserving and rehabilitating ecosystems".
  11. The body was wedge-shaped,, big of belly, narrow-chested, with a very large udder spreading the hindquarters apart and yielding large quantities of yellow, fat-rich milk for butter-making.
  12. The massive investment in Bt strain search and genetic manipulation programmes since the mid-1980s began yielding new commercial products in the late 1980s.
  13. There is urgent need to determine the limits of production if we are to avoid the danger of trying to extract more from the land than it is capable of yielding.

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