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Перевод: zygote speek zygote

зигота [биол.]


  1. Thereafter, the zygote - the name given to the resultant collection of cells - can be implanted in the uterus.
  2. In other plants with such clonal growth it is known that the product of a single zygote may indeed occupy considerable areas of land.
  3. The egg is the largest cell of the body, and in addition to its nucleus contains a relatively massive cytoplasm, whose contents provide nutrients to the zygote in the early stages of its development.
  4. Calcium ions turn on the zygote at fertilisation, and a few years back were named the "final common pathway" in cell death.
  5. The fertilized egg, now known as a zygote, continues to move along the Fallopian tube towards the uterus, and while it does so, divides once or twice a day.
  6. In spite of their different appearances and functions during the actual process of fertilization, the egg and sperm cells bring equivalent portions of genetic material to the zygote and hence the future individual.
  7. Such plants have the potential for a single clone or genet (product of a single zygote) to dominate large areas of the vegetation.
  8. This fusion cell, which is technically known as a zygote, could be regarded as the foundation stone of the new individual.
  9. After fertilization has taken place, the zygote is cultured in the laboratory for a few days and the proembryo is then placed in the woman's uterus.
  10. Fertilization consists of the coming together of the two sets of chromosomes, 23 paternal and 23 maternal ones, so providing a new set of 46 chromosomes "yoked together" in the zygote, which is the first cell of the new individual.
  11. Both possess the property of clonal growth by which the product of a single zygote forms a spreading clone of rooted nodes capable of vegetative extension through the sward.
  12. But precision is lacking; the debate over the foetus at six months contrasts with the unanimity over the zygote and new-born baby.
  13. Now what of the zygote, the newly fertilised egg?

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