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Перевод: will speek will

вспомогательный глагол английского языка;
воля ; сила воли; твердое намерение; волеизъявление; желание; энергия ; энтузиазм ; завещание; отношение;
проявлять волю; желать; хотеть; заставлять; внушать; велеть; завещать


  1. You can also buy a QuickTime starter kit (100) to produce your own multimedia material, although you will need extra equipment, such as a digitiser card and special software.
  2. Health spending - a third of the budget - will rise by 220 million, and education by 12 per cent to 439 million.
  3. The question is whether the voters will realise it in time for polling day.
  4. "These are the terms and conditions on which we will be introducing the community charge," he told a press conference at the Blackpool conference.
  5. "We live in a monarchy, and if I may speak personally, I hope and believe we always will.
  6. Londonderry Arts Association will be presenting a Ten Concert Subscription Series during the current academic year.
  7. Huge video screens positioned above will replay all the thrilling action - and there'll be no shortage of that in the greatest grapple of the century.
  8. And, like conventional scalpels, the beams will cut through tissue whether it is healthy or diseased.
  9. A few more statistics will suffice to show the trends of the time.
  10. Proceeds from sales of the book will go towards the Thera Foundation's work to complete the excavation.
  11. The fact that people will give money to save the otter, a nocturnal animal whose presence is detected even by full-time otter survey teams only by its tracks and droppings, is the best answer I know to that mean-spirited and illogical argument: "What's the use of saving it, if I can't see it?"
  12. Labour will give people more say in drawing up plans for their area and create a new right of appeal for residents against developments which fly in the face of their local plan.
  13. It does seem, however, that major savings can only realistically be made by reducing numbers of staff and that a focus on economy, whilst welcome, will have only marginal effects.

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