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Перевод: William speek William

[имя собственное]
Вильгельм ; Вильям ; Уильям


  1. The new building was opened with great fanfare in January 1895, and the grateful deaf members appointed William Agnew a director, a position he retained until his death after a long illness in 1914.
  2. In 1803, William married Isabella Grant, daughter of a wealthy and influential family.
  3. As Cameron opened with his usual explanation of the Act, he did not know that the Reverend William McIvor, a tall whiskery man with coarse orange hair and very pale blue eyes, had stayed outside his manse, in the cover of a thick yew tree, and was listening hard with a hand cupped round his ear.
  4. And on the banners scenes from the common story; William of Orange, or a secret conventicle; or the face of some favoured hero such as Lord Edward Carson.
  5. He had been an ardent admirer and supporter of King William III, previously Prince of Orange, and in honour of the king he re-named his estate, Orangefield.
  6. Admiral Herbert, who had emerged with credit from William's invasion of England, had hastily assembled a squadron at Portsmouth to pursue the French but now, with 17 ships of the line and three bomb-vessels, one of their earliest appearances on the maritime scene, found himself outnumbered.
  7. When, in 1750, Worcester Lodge was built, in a sumptuous style, by William Kent at the end of an axial avenue, the fashionable set preferred it.
  8. In the eighties, a secret cabinet committee under William Whitelaw considered further ideas for reform, including joint Lords/Commons committees, and dividing the Lords into voting and non-voting peers, but again they ducked out of taking any action.
  9. From William the Conqueror onwards the Church Courts are separated from the Lay Courts: the Bishop has his court; the Archbishop a superior or prerogative court; from him before the Reformation there is an appeal to the pope.
  10. "Of course not," lied William Bird gamely.
  11. Influenced by a wide range of illustrators and painters, from William Blake to Chagall, his work introduces the young reader to a long tradition of Western art.
  12. William Shooter's blackmail scheme was described by the judge, Lord Allanbridge, as "a calculated, carefully planned and shocking crime".
  13. The two central, baggy-suited dancers, Lynne Bristow and William Trevitt, either mirror each others' movements (the old man perhaps communing with his diary) or else dance as a couple (the man reliving past relationships).

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