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Перевод: win speek win

выигрыш ; победа ;
выиграть; выигрывать; победить; одержать; добиться; добиваться; заработать; получить; приобрести; убедить; уговорить; добираться; достигать; добывать


  1. But the Cambridgeshire result gives lie to the notion that nice guys can't win.
  2. To bring about a death-bed conversion was the highest accolade an active Evangelical could win.
  3. So who will win?
  4. River Suck bream around 5 lb, with 50 lb plus needed to win, probably on the feeder.
  5. When we spoke I don't think it ever occurred to him that anyone else could win, even though the Argentinian Ruiz had shot a fantastic 65 for the second round.
  6. Arnold was delighted to win at Troon.
  7. MR KINNOCK put the future of health care back at the centre of the electoral stage last night with a powerful warning that the NHS was in mortal danger if Labour did not win power.
  8. I will win and you will be shamed, and doubtlessly heavily fined.
  9. England began their tour in miserable fashion, handing Windward Islands their first ever win over a touring team.
  10. Sir Robin Butler, the Cabinet Secretary, has first-hand experience of the uncertainty created when a government loses power and the opposition fails to win it.
  11. But when your father has been murdered the day you make only the fourth televised maximum break, when you win your first major title and receive a hero's reception on returning to your native land, even the prospect of meeting Hendry is going to cause no more than a flutter of the eyelid.
  12. Jason's libel win gives gays a straight answer
  13. Two goals from Wayne Biggins kept Stoke on course for the Third Division title with a 3-;0 home win over Darlington.

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