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Перевод: Winchester speek Winchester

[имя собственное]
Винчестер [геогр.]


  1. Route served by: Pride of Winchester, Pride of Cherbourg - twin ships, same design, similar service.
  2. There are trips to the Lime and Flint centre in Winchester and the Bellingdon brickworks in Buckinghamshire.
  3. The Celtic fields; Iron Age and Roman farms, all still detectable from the air; the Dark Age village along the river bank with its ghostly, ghastly cemetery on the hill where a woman was buried alive and her skeletal fingers dug into the rough chalk sides of her grave; nearby Winchester, the old Saxon capital; the warpath at the top of my lane; the mill I live in, founded in the days of Alfred's great grandson, and reinforcements for the Conqueror's victorious army trotting past the site of our bus shelter.
  4. The three schools of Eton, Harrow and Winchester accounted for twenty governors.
  5. Clearly, Simon Winchester feels it - and goes to elegant, erudite and amusing lengths to persuade his readers to feel it, too.
  6. At a New Alresford Parish Council meeting last week, it was announced that Winchester city planners have turned down the application for change of use on the grounds of noise, odours and increased vehicle movement in a largely residential area.
  7. Winchester city councillor Major Dougie Covill requested that more pressure be put upon the county council to improve the footpaths and pavements which are in a very dangerous condition, and a Broad Street businessman wondered if residents were really aware of the changes going on in Broad Street, and the manner in which they were to be undertaken.
  8. They were two of five Winchester Club players in the nine-member Alton College squad, which also included five county players, and Cathy MacCormack who plays for the South of England under-18 team.
  9. Ethelwold of Winchester built organs both at Abingdon and Winchester; their accompaniment probably made a dramatic difference to the sound of the chants.
  10. LORD ALDINGTON, a former deputy chairman of the Conservative Party and Warden of Winchester School, was falsely branded a war criminal on the scale of the worst butchers of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, his counsel, Charles Gray QC, told a High Court libel jury yesterday.
  11. In a chamber of the palace of Winchester, a fresco depicted an eagle being attacked by its fledglings.
  12. William McEwan Younger was born on Sept 6 1905 and educated at Winchester and Balliol College, Oxford.
  13. In a moment of high fervour I had offered to talk to that Mafia of old, the Winchester Quakers, on my experiences at the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.

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