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Перевод: Windsor speek Windsor

резное деревянное кресло; дешевое темное туалетное мыло


  1. The change in conditions has added to the confidence behind Docklands Express and Brown Windsor.
  2. The scientists hope to raise 100,000 through an appeal by Windsor Safari Park.
  3. Equipped by Morag Hood with an accent that sounds strangely reminiscent of Edward Fox as the Duke of Windsor, Vivien stops Walter in his tracks by announcing that she is pregnant.
  4. At 9.20, PC Foster was filling in reports at the Police Station, Windsor.
  5. they were married in December 1421 and a son was born at Windsor, but before the boy was nine months old, Henry V died in France.
  6. Please write to this address: Doggie Post Bag, Dogs Today, 10 Sheet Street, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 1BG.
  7. The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon was represented by the Hon Mrs Wills at the Memorial Service for Colonel the Hon Sir Gordon Palmer which was held in St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, this afternoon.
  8. He called at the police station in central Windsor.
  9. Spectrography tests and examinations under an electron microscope confirmed that the distinctive blue paper was manufactured in Venice in 1510 and was a perfect match with other Leonardo works at Windsor.
  10. He was in Iceland, fishing with friends, when he heard the news and flew straight to Windsor Castle, to a father who was still unable to help.
  11. Townshend is most famous for beating his guitar against speaker stacks, but it is also worth remembering that, on stage at The Ricky Tick Club, Windsor, in May 1966, he attempted the same stunt against the head of Keith Moon.
  12. Between 1810 and 1855 Acts were passed for the disafforestment of the forests of "South, otherwise East Bere" (Bere Porchester), Delamare, Windsor, Exmoor, Sherwood, Salcey, Hainault, Wychwood, Whittlewood and Woolmer.
  13. Some subordinate foresters appointed by the king were paid wages: in 1228 Hubert de Burgh, as warden of Windsor Forest, was paying 6d. a day to Osbert and Robert, King's serjeants, for keeping the forest of Odiham, and in 1233 2d. a day to each of six serjeants on foot for keeping the forest of Windsor by the king's command.

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