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  1. Sunday closed with the awards ceremony, where Zippo was adjudged Clown of the Year - an award sponsored by the clown hall of fame in Wisconsin where his name will live forever.
  2. When, in well-cut white satin and glycerine tears, she sobbed, Oh but Daddy I do love him, I do love him , he still tried to reason with her; but then when he saw her hitching up the satin and running across the lawn, throwing off the veil, scattering the astonished wedding guests as she ran, and when he saw her jumping into a truck, not caring that she was getting petrol stains all over her broderie anglaise , jumping into a truck and not with the man they all expected her to love, but with the one she really loves, and then driving off with him in a cheap pickup truck to a motel in Wisconsin, shouting out, Goodbye Father, Goodbye Father ! as she goes; well when he saw her doing that then Boy could not bring himself to disapprove.
  3. Mr Clinton was also winning in two other primaries in Wisconsin and Kansas.
  4. Madison, Wisconsin SOFRONIS CLERIDES
  5. Robert Bremel, a University of Wisconsin professor, milks mice in his laboratory.
  6. In a syndicated article that ran all over the country, The Washington Post summarised Strickland's disclosures: "Prof. Rick Heber's group at the University of Wisconsin may have settled once and for all the question of whether the disproportionate mental retardation of slum children is the result of heredity or environment."
  8. Heber's legal residence was just outside Colorado Springs, though he was paid for "full-time" duties in Madison, Wisconsin.
  9. "How about Communists in government?" suggested a friend to Senator Joe McCarthy from Wisconsin, who was looking round for an issue to help get him re-elected.
  10. Beloit, Wisconsin JERRY GUSTAFSON
  11. About 80 per cent of the cranberry harvest comes from Massachusetts and Wisconsin.
  12. Wiliam Proxmire, the former senator from Wisconsin, describes the Hamilton/Dorgam bill as "the most dangerous economic legislation before Congress," driven as it is by political hunger for short-term prosperity.
  13. Before the judging on Friday afternoon there is a chance for everyone to visit one of Wisconsin's finest herds at Crescentmead Farms.

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