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фитиль ; тампон


  1. But in recognition of Scotland's turbulent history, the Norse barn style was adopted for the far northern stations of Thurso and Wick.
  2. The oil lamp beside his bed had been extinguished, and when I saw my father glance disapprovingly at the lamp I had brought to guide me up the rickety staircase, I quickly lowered the wick.
  3. Elinor twisted and swayed and twirled, her blue eyes blazing, the wick having been set afire by Aunt Bedelia.
  4. A party from Wick High School were booked in for the weekend.
  5. Staxigoe used to be far more important than Wick; a busy fishing port, where Scandinavian timber was imported and the small harbour bustled with boats long before Wick gained pre-eminence as the most notable herring fishing station in Europe during the nineteenth century.
  6. Maud Heath was a pedlar woman who lived on Wick Hill and walked four and a half miles, past Kellaways, to Chippenham each morning.
  7. The last time I travelled from Wick to Dingwall was when the railway only reached as far north as Golspie; the other portion of the road was an overnight stage-coach journey; and to accommodate some ladies I took a seat on the top: it was a clear cold night, and the air was keen indeed.
  8. JTR took all day travelling, courtesy of the Highland Railway Company, from Inverness to Wick.
  9. Early morning boat ex Stornoway to Ullapool; bus to Dingwall, train to Thurso changing at Georgemas Junction for Wick.
  10. 11 June saw the reopening of a station closed thirty-five years previously and the opening of the first new inner-London station for very many years: Hackney Central and Hackney Wick on the "Cross Town Link Line" between North Woolwich and Camden Road, a promise of greater things to come.
  11. Lewis Wick (via Dingwall) Thurso
  12. The conditions typically restricted the defendant to peaceful picketing at his or her usual place of employment, but they could be wider than this, embracing curfews and residency requirements such as the stipulation on one occasion that a defendant reside in Wick (Wallington, 1985: 156).

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