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Перевод: wicked speek wicked

злой; безнравственный; испорченный; нехороший; шаловливый; плутовской; озорной; опасный; неприятный; противный; свирепый; замечательный; грешный; нечистый;


  1. The "wicked step-mother, who was very beautiful" apparently expiated her crime by eventually becoming a nun at Wherwell.
  2. The husband-and-wife partnership behind such classics as The Jolly Postman, Burglar Bill and The Baby's Catalogue win children over with ripping yarns and a wicked sense of humour.
  3. Phoebe wanted to scream with temper, or indulge in wicked and vicious sarcasm.
  4. She was amazed at herself, scandalised , but at the same time could admire the absolutely impromptu fluency of her wicked vicious ill-intentioned lying to Jack.
  5. Letter to the Editor: Wicked way
  6. (Alan Whicker, it seems, was first choice: Palin makes an interesting substitute given the wicked Python parody of Whicker Island: a place full of Alan Whickers endlessly interviewing each other.)
  7. LITTLE ANGELS: "Product Of The Working Class" (Polydor) small heavy metal devils get socially wicked with another Top 40 bound single lifted from their all seeing "Young Gods" album - out on Monday
  8. As every true Cornishman knows, it was the wicked Tregeagle who was supposedly punished with this thankless task.
  9. But she is minor character in a story that is about a future constitutional crisis between a wicked and unscrupulous politician and a dignified, noble but politically naive monarch."
  10. "Let me not tire of thanking you," he wrote, "for your mercy in rescuing me from all my wicked ways."
  11. Should one consequently resist too vigorously the wicked thought that active citizenship in modern Britain will be a status conferred on those who actually pay their poll tax?
  12. 3 Wicked Willy books
  13. And the revered, sacred feline of ancient Egypt became the wicked, sorcerer's cat of medieval Europe.

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