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Перевод: wickedness

злобность ; злая выходка; злой поступок


  1. From the late seventeenth century there had been complaints of increasing wickedness, crime and disorder.
  2. "All things I have seen in the days of my vanity: there is a just man that perisheth in his righteousness, and there is a wicked man that prolongeth his life in his wickedness."
  3. Thus they had a chance actively to project onto me whatever "wickedness" they had in their minds.
  4. If a cat kills a mouse we may feel sorry for the mouse but we no longer accuse the cat of wickedness.
  5. Paula's face took on a vixenish wickedness.
  6. Tigger tries the patience of his fellows not by wickedness but by excessive high-spirits; Rabbit attempts to teach Tigger a lesson in a rather unkind way (in Chapter VII, "In which Tigger is unbounced", The house at Pooh Corner ).
  7. Every Scot knows at least part of the story of the massacre, but many are not aware of the background that led up to the atrocity and too little is known about the heinous wickedness of some of the characters involved.
  8. They felt it was more to do with the wickedness of the world.
  9. Smith, well in character, says "It is difficult to find sufficiently restrained language to express the wickedness of this attitude".
  10. Wickedness.
  11. Betjeman's poem "Original Sin on me Sussex Coast" makes a point unwillingly learnt from his old tutor when it depicts the sheer wickedness of children bullying one another, unseen by the sentimental eyes of the mother whose mind has been washed by modern advertising techniques and the vacuous optimism of the age:
  12. My mind is full of dark thoughts and evil yearnings, terrible images which move me to wickedness, as if to some obscure crime which perhaps I have committed already -"
  13. Property prices and psychoanalysis were mentioned shyly, rather as Rachel might mention sex, but once in the air everyone turned out to be immensely knowledgeable about both, as well as about the contemporary cinema, the wickedness of Thatcher's government and the perils of current educational reforms.

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