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Перевод: wicker speek wicker

прутья для плетения; плетеная корзинка


  1. There they had been born, their wicker bassinette had been bumped down the shallow flight of steps to the pavement by their trim nursemaid, young men had called, but not one of the three tall sisters had emerged from the house as a bride.
  2. A willow green wicker armchair takes on a whole new look when a collection of pretty floral covered cushions and a deep frill are added.
  3. The thin cotton of his pyjamas did nothing to cushion the discomfort of the wicker scraping his bony body.
  4. Woven wicker
  5. Quite how he was supposed to stand up for himself when he was tied up in a wicker laundry basket which had been left under a running shower was another matter.
  6. The proprietor's brother was the only employee and, although a married man with a family, he seemed to spend more than half his time delivering orders on the almost universal tradesman's bike, with its large wicker basket and the triangular sign carrying the owner's name fixed to the frame.
  7. Scenes of India and Tibet hung on the walls, and I enjoyed a late-night coffee among wicker chairs, potted plants and handwoven Oriental rugs.
  9. Business began to boom, but the MS L were already planning a new terminus over the Wicker arches and on 15th September 1851, Victoria opened its doors.
  10. "Assortment of complimentary bath gels and unguents in a little wicker basket by the sink?"
  11. He looked round the cool gloom of the store, rows of small barrels and big jars clad in wicker, standing on shelves and on the floor, inside thick windowless walls.
  12. Never use wicker chairs to stand on for odd jobs around the house.
  13. Encouraged now he kicked again with greater force and application, ignoring the cuts from the sharp ends of broken wicker which clawed at his feet and legs.

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