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Перевод: wickerwork speek wickerwork

плетение; плетеные изделия


  1. The two bodies lay under canvas sheets on wickerwork mats supported by wooden trestles.
  2. "The corpse, wrapped in canvas, is placed on a piece of wickerwork in the parish coffin.
  3. The table-tops were imitation wickerwork and there was a pointless trellis pattern on the curtains.
  4. They usually comprise a circle of stake-holes set into shallow trenches with stouter posts located at the doorways, suggesting a wickerwork construction with mud or clay daub walls and a thatched roof.
  5. Did she then grow impatient, and concerned at the pasty cooling in the wickerwork basket, lighted a candle and bravely set off up the tunnel determined that her daddy would have a hot meal?
  6. Alison sitting in a low wickerwork chair with her long bare legs stretched out, was watching Irina.
  7. Unbuckling the fastenings, he removes the wraps and uncovered a wickerwork cage.
  8. Gauze screens fitted to the doors and windows were tightly closed as always to deny the plantation's malaria bearing mosquitoes access to the presence of Claude Duclos, a heavily built Corsican in his early forties who was sprawled in a wickerwork chair under the cooling breeze of an electric fan.
  9. They sat in thick wickerwork chairs on an open balcony a top one of the older hotels, close to the floodlit shaft of the Washington Monument.
  10. Straw baskets, beaten copperware and wickerwork are among the more traditional handicrafts of the region and you will find plenty to admire as you browse the stalls.
  11. of a wickerwork chair.
  12. She began to landscape the fantasy garden in her mind and had soon forgotten about the slight ache in her hips that came from having her legs curled to one side, and the uncomfortable weave of the wickerwork pressing into the soft skin on the underside of her forearms.
  13. Fortunately it was only a doko (wickerwork basket).

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