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Перевод: wicket speek wicket

калитка ; задвижное окошко; воротца ; турникет


  1. Adams, a naturally gifted ball player who has batted, bowled spin and kept wicket for Jamaica, was earmarked as a future Test player since chosen on the B tour to Zimbabwe in 1986 aged 18.
  2. Smith, 28, was chosen for his contribution to English cricket over the last 12 months, his batting and "outstanding fielding", both close to the wicket and in the deep, and his performance in last summer's West Indies Test series, which included two centuries.
  3. With Kallicharran making 53, there were only four more needed when the second wicket fell, and as there were also more than thirteen overs in hand West Indies won the Prudential Trophy on a faster run rate over the two games.
  4. Fowler and Broad then got off to a good start with 90 for the first wicket before things began to go wrong.
  5. The next wicket to fall was that of Ravi Shastri: Gooch caught him.
  6. And it was not Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery who once stated that: "I once saw a bowler in Australia thunder to the wicket and bowl a flatout underarm to the batsman.
  7. The batsman remained at the wicket as no remark was made to the umpire.
  8. 193 for the fourth wicket, with Lamb equalling Colin Cowdrey's record of six Test centuries against West Indies, ensured a reasonable score, and 358 all out left them with a fair chance of saving the match.
  9. Lamb, dropped by Dujon on 30, played splendidly thereafter, putting on 172 for the fourth wicket with Robin Smith, reaching his tenth Test century and fifth against West Indies, and finally falling for 132.
  10. Surridge emerged from club cricket as a tearaway, fast-medium bowler, a dangerous hitter and, more than anything else, as a fearless catcher close to the wicket.
  11. At the wicket he is a Roman general, unquestioning of his own ability to defeat the barbarians; yet because the pride and haughtiness are justified by having repeatedly proved himself to be the best, one cannot resent them, especially since he usually leaves them on the field of combat.
  12. Instead he opened the bowling with Garner and soon had a wicket.
  13. Four years ago, when Ian Botham returned from suspension and took a wicket with his first ball, Gooch trotted up from slip and asked him, "Who writes your scripts?"

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