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Перевод: wide speek wide

широкий; такой-то ширины; обширный; размашистый; большой; просторный; широко открытый; далекий;
широко; мимо цели; далеко; повсюду


  1. The stark overhead lights threw deep shadows under the deep-set eyes and the sweat glistened on the wide, rather knobbly forehead with its swathe of fair undisciplined hair.
  2. Bryzgin at the press conference said, "It was easy for me because the others had achieved a wide margin so that I felt sure."
  3. There is, of course, wide consultation at each stage, and in theory the Prime Minister or the Sovereign can reject the Crown Appointment Commission's recommendations.
  4. He was always wide awake and eagerly waiting.
  5. The Percys subsequently appear as lords of Leconfield, who built an 84 roomed castle west of Main Street, the old and original part of Leconfield, surrounded by a wide and deep moat, the remains of which are still to be seen.
  6. Even though both currencies are allowed to fluctuate within the wide 6 p.c. bands not available to other monetary units, the escudo shot right to the ceiling of its band - pushing sterling close to its floor.
  7. Then they half slithered, half rolled down the wide oaken stairway and found themselves shivering with fright in the moonlit hall; or rather Sam and Rose found each other.
  8. Without warning, a huge biplane burst from the side of a cloud-mountain, scattering castles and crags in puffs and wisps of smoke, its shadow gliding ahead, rising and falling as it sped across the wide landscape of cloud.
  9. Attack only vulnerable stances that are too wide, too long, have no sidestep, etc.
  10. Then buy a new fireback: standard firebacks are 16 or 18in wide, sold in one or two sections, or as one piece which can be split into two, but you can also get types with more sections for larger openings.
  11. In fact there is a wide variety of permutations represented by the data.
  12. As the Pack watched, the plane circled lower in wide sweeps.
  13. But it wasn't to be: he knocked the putt by about 3 feet and then pulled the one coming back wide and finished up shooting a 63.

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