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Перевод: widely

широко; далеко


  1. Our national women youth workers' conferences were widely successful with heterosexual women.
  2. They have been widely criticised and rejected by sociologists.
  3. Having to keep separate legal entities in every state, each with its own board and each obeying widely varying requirements of company law, is therefore an irritation to Iveco's integrated European operation.
  4. As is widely known, results showed that those in the experimental group were more likely to remain at home than those in the control group, that the scheme held no cost disadvantages, that levels of subjective stress in carers were reduced, and that there were "significant improvements in a range of indicators of subjective well-being and quality of care" for the clients in the experimental group compared with the control group.
  5. Hamas was widely believed to draw its inspiration from the spiritual leaders of Mujama'a in the Gaza Strip.
  6. It was one of those very profound observations which was misunderstood at the time but is now widely accepted by Roman Catholic scholars among others.
  7. Our own solution has been to subject the material about each author to a formal analysis, applying a psychiatric assessment procedure that is widely used in research and clinical practice.
  8. Although overall this view is still widely held, it is possible to point to several cases of reversal when, for example, agriculturalists reverted to hunting and gathering.
  9. These improved systems have been evaluated in practical farm scale tests in widely contrasting hill environments with outstanding results (Table 5)
  10. Analysts were divided over the prospects for share prices as the widely based FT-SE 100 index lost a further 30.5 points to close at 2,247.0.
  11. Why is this, when the arguments against smoking are so widely known?
  12. Here was the same long-boned face, the high cheekbones tapering to a pointed chin, the same widely spaced eyes with the droop of the left eyelid, the same long-fingered pale hands, the same steady but slightly ironic gaze.
  13. These expressed hostility to Britain's pre-eminent position, the demand for greater democracy in the country, and a widely held belief that the Hashemites had an understanding with Israel not to attempt to recapture any of Israeli Palestine but to punish severely any Palestinian who violated the Armistice Line.

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