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Перевод: widen speek widen

расширять; расширяться; шириться; ширить


  1. One reason for this change was that the programme was to widen its coverage.
  2. Once a grass-snake slid across the path in front of her and made her halt sharply with a startled cry, but she went resolutely on again, and at last the trees began to thin out and the patch of sky in front of her widen.
  3. Young people must have real opportunities to widen their experience and skills.
  4. Clamping one of these rulers to the board and keeping both rulers together, I cut the first groove, and then widen the groove by putting a shim between the rulers.
  5. Radical changes in the nature of individual separate "subjects", and serious attempts to widen the scope of a pupil's education at school were virtually blocked by the universities.
  6. Despite the reams of analysis of new environmental taxes, Mr Major did next to nothing, except raise petrol duties by 10% and widen the tax difference between leaded and unleaded petrol by less than 2p, to 16p a gallon.
  7. Though margins on top-notch corporate loans have nearly doubled in the American market to about 50 basis points (hundredths of one percent), they must widen further before it is worth lending in the midst of a recession.
  8. In Britain road "improvement" schemes to widen roads and remove traffic bottlenecks were under way by the 1930's in order to allow greater volumes and speeds of traffic.
  9. In addition, these options widen the arena for disagreement between partners.
  10. It was the availability of local steel and the advent of steam power that gave Glasgow the incentive to dredge and widen the river in order to transform its few old boatyards into one of the world's great shipbuilding centres.
  11. The review argues that Restart courses, under which the long-term unemployed are interviewed about their efforts to find a job, should be subject to benefit sanctions to widen take-up, "especially among those too demotivated to volunteer".
  12. The 100K Association has decided to widen its interests, and will henceforth promote ultra events of all distances and durations.
  13. The figures for inequality in income distribution in the countries of the region (for example, Uruguay, 0.49; Brazil, 0.70; Chile, 0.50) are always higher than those for educational inequality, and dynamic trends suggest that the gap between them tends only to widen.

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