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Перевод: widening speek widening



  1. The body functions with this relatively small volume of blood by controlling the muscle tissue in the walls of the small arteries (arterioles), thereby narrowing (vasoconstricting) or widening (vasodilating) the lumen.
  2. They also illustrate the widening agenda of a project set for radical expansion before 1993.
  3. It was a winter not of discontent but of change and new ideas - a change of direction for me and a widening of horizons.
  4. This will be achieved by abolishing the court warning against uncorroborated evidence, widening the definition of rape within marriage, and using video-links so the accuser need not face the accused, an attack on the fundamental principles of jurisprudence.
  5. Road widening is an inevitable and current threat to many former roadhouses, such as the former "Chez Laurie" on the A299 near Herne Bay (W M Bishop, 1936).
  6. Later the stream becomes pure clear water widening into a pool.
  7. The Grand Union Act made provision for the widening of the locks when and if the Grand Junction relented on the matter of Blisworth.
  8. Even if it is not easy to make changes, it is important to begin widening horizons as soon as possible.
  9. A closer examination of the numbers shows that the most recent development of the concept - widening and deepening share ownership - has yet to catch on.
  10. The opening of this section of route was delayed until September, because the Board of Trade insisted upon street widening to accommodate the wider Company cars.
  11. In England revolution had been avoided by the widening of the magic circle to admit the bourgeoisie.
  12. But I think it is reasonable as well as constructive to allude to the possibility that the human spirit is indeed evolving, that we are gradually "widening the circle of compassion", moving away from the narrower, more self-interested, more aggressive forms of social organisation to embrace the concept of one world in which we do indeed see ourselves as members of one human family.
  13. The Thirties scene shows the complete segregation of the tram track, made possible by the Promenade widening of 1905, with a traditional double-deck Standard and a modern railcoach of the period.

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